What are StealthED and StealthIV and how do they help my hospital?

1stHealthSystems’ StealthED solution is a cloud-based software charge capture tool that assigns the appropriate visit level code for every Emergency Department visit. StealthED is a compliance tool that follows all CMS guidelines and CPT© rules while providing proper reimbursement for facility services. StealthIV is a revolutionary IV capture tool that removes the subjectivity and complexity that IV service code assignment requires through automation of the process. Both Stealth solutions capture separately billable procedures, custom tailored to your unique Chargemaster.

How do I know 1stHealthSystems’ products are updated based on the latest CMS and CPT guidelines and rules?

1stHealthSystems’ keeps updated with current coding guidelines and coding rules in three primary ways: (1) we employ a team of experts that constantly monitor changes to coding guidelines and coding rules, (2) we have an external Coding Advisory Committee that reviews our methodology on an ongoing basis, and (3) we have expert coding professionals at our customers sites that keep us informed of potential changes in coding guidelines and coding rules.

Does 1stHealthSystem’s work with my current Emergency Department Information Systems (EDIS) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software?

Yes, 1stHealthSystems’ has direct and indirect experience working with all major EDIS and EMR systems. We use standard HL7 interfaces and also use the latest software technologies to seamlessly integrate our algorithm into customer’s EDIS, EMR, and Billing systems to minimize data entry time for our customers’ staff.

Can 1stHealthSystems’ facilitate auto-coding?

Yes, the system was designed to take information from the clinical record and an individual case basis and return the appropriate codes without user intervention. With auto-coding, the customers still have access to all charges real-time and can review the charges for validation or audit purposes.

Who uses the 1stHealthSystem’s product at hospital?

The products were designed with flexible workflow in mind. Our products can be used at the point-of-case in the Emergency Department by clinical or non-clinical staff, or in the Health Information Management by coding staff. Our products can also be used by Audit and Billing staff.

Can I use StealthED and StealthIV together? Can my hospital use StealthED and StealthIV as separate products?

Yes, both products can be used together such that your hospital will have a full charging solution for visit levels, IV services, and procedures. StealthED and StealthIV can also be used as standalone products, in the event that your hospital already has an effective visit level or IV services solution.

Does StealthED employ up-coding to increase reimbursement?

StealthED does not use an up-coding scheme to maximize reimbursement. 1stHealthSystems has conducted many audits where the StealthED solution was compared directly to a variety of different coding systems. StealthED decreased site assigned levels of service in nearly every one while increasing facility revenue capture on the whole.

How does 1stHealthSystems’ ensure information security?

1stHealthSystems uses the most secure databases available. The data storage method 1stHealthSystems uses is HIPAA compliant. Additionally, the Stealth products can be interfaced within the hospital’s ADT and patient financial services systems for increased accuracy and productivity.

What contracting options does 1stHealthSystems’ offer?

1stHealthSystems’ offers flexible pay-as-you go contracting options. There are no capital budget requirements and no long-term contracts.

Can my hospital try 1stHealthSystems’s software prior to committing to a purchase?

Yes, 1stHealthSystems has designed an Audit Version of our software to allow hospitals to audit a set of existing charts in order to evaluate both the user experience and results of implementing 1stHealthSystems.

How long does it take to implement 1stHealthSystem’s products?

We recommend reserving a few weeks for the implementation of 1stHealthSystems to allow adequate time to setup your database and train your staff; however we have completed multi-hospital customer implementations in less than one week.