“1stHealthSystems has helped us improve our time management by simplifying our charge function component. The solution has exceeded our expectations.”

—Robert H. Curry, President and CEO
Citrus Valley Health Partners

Introducing a data-driven approach to assigning ED visit levels

You select the presenting problem, resources required, and disposition. Our proprietary algorithm does the rest.

A simple solution to a complex problem in the ED

Slashed reimbursement levels. Complex coding hierarchies. Changes to charging guidelines. Getting reimbursed for all your direct and indirect ED expenses has never been more difficult, or more critical.

StealthED is a revolutionary new way to assign E/M codes that is easy, fast, and ensures you get reimbursed for appropriate visit levels.

Our proprietary algorithm does it all

Our proprietary algorithm determines ED resources based on the combined “weight” of presenting problem, diagnostic and management processes, and disposition. Other factors for determin­ing visit level include:

  • Complexity of secondary presenting conditions
  • Direct and indirect expenses such as ongoing maintenance of medical devices
  • Coordination of resources throughout the patient’s entire ED stay

A Private Cloud solution

Unlike software that must be uploaded and updated manually, StealthED resides in a Private Cloud. That means all you have to do is log onto the secure StealthED website and you have instant access to the latest version. This unique SaaS model means:


  • Designed for non-clinical staff; minimal training needed
  • Flexible workflow options including point of service by ED staff, or batch-processed post-visit by billing or HIM staff
  • Helps prevent inadvertent downcoding
  • HIPAA-compliant Private Cloud-based solution delivers a secure, quick and painless implementation
  • Just check the boxes—no subjective judgments required
  • Analytics and reporting capabilities on demand
  • 24/7 support
  • Captures the intent of CPT®
  • Compliant with CMS requirements
  • Leverage investments already made in your Emergency Department Information System