A smart coding solution for IV services.

StealthIV eliminates the difficult task of navigating through the Current Procedural Terminology’s (CPT) complex rules. By simply inputting services and their start-stop times, our powerful algorithm selects the appropriate codes to ensure proper charging.

Calculations made fast and simple.

Once you input the start and stop times, StealthIV determines whether the service meets CPT duration definitions. Infusions that do not meet the minimum duration of 16 minutes are automatically reduced to an IV push.

Add-on hours determined for you.

StealthIV assigns the appropriate add-on hours of service for chemotherapy infusions, IV medication infusion, and IV hydrations. Unique minutes of services that do not overlap with another timed service are instantly calculated.

Concurrent IV infusions identified.

IV infusions may overlap without being totally concurrent. StealthIV identifies partially concurrent services and excludes it from the total duration of the overlapping IV infusion service. The non-overlapping service duration is appropriately assigned an infusion service CPT code or an IV push service code.

Flexible workflow options.

StealthIV can be implemented at the point-of-service by nursing or clerical staff or within the Health Information Management Department by coding staff. The simplistic user interface supports accurate assignment of charges with confidence.