Citrus Valley Case Study

“1stHealthSystems has helped us improve our time management by simplifying our charge function component. The solution has exceeded our expectations.”

—Robert H. Curry, President and CEO
Citrus Valley Health Partners


Citrus Valley Heath Partners (CVHP) is a family of three hospital campuses and a hospice located in California’s East San Gabriel Valley.  The nonprofit group serves nearly one million residents through the work of its 3,000+ staff members and nearly 1,000 physicians, including approximately 100,000 Emergency Department (ED) patient visits each year.

Like other healthcare facilities, CVHP is constantly looking for ways to become more efficient and better serve its patients. So when an internal audit of the charge assignment process found that their ED and Health Information Management (HIM) staff were spending too much time and effort determining the acuity level of each patient visit, they began looking for a solution.


After a thorough review of software, consulting, and staffing solutions, CVHP chose StealthED by 1stHealthSystems, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that eliminated the complexity and judgment calls required by their previous process.

Their decision was based on many factors, including:

  • Minimal impact on IT. The Software as a Service model, hosted in a HIPAA-compliant private cloud, didn’t require any hardware purchases, and only minimal resource commitments from IT.
  • Swift implementation. Because the application was private cloud-based and designed for non-clinical staff, implementation and training were achieved in a matter of days.
  • Industry expertise.  The hospital staff was confident in the decision to go with 1stHealthSystems because their development team consisted of industry leaders in the areas of Emergency Medicine, Physician Documentation, Coding, and Compliance.


1stHealthSystems automated the capture of acuity levels in the Emergency Department, allowing Citrus Valley to consolidate the charge function into one department, Health Information Management. In addition the subsequent increase in revenue allowed CVHP to further invest in the care they provide.